Sunday, May 26, 2013

Maple Mustard Brussel Sprouts

Quick little side dish for ya today. Keepin the veg interesting. This was literally an on-the-spot, use-whats-in-my-fridge, hey-what-the-heck kind of recipe. Its hard to even call it a recipe. And that is the best kind of recipe!!

This little concoction is nothing brilliant or new, but it is to get your mind juices flowin so you can have more fun in the kitchen and add some jazz to your veggies!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hoisin Glazed Chicken with Orange Rice

So this is going to be a 2 part recipe. The chicken and the rice. Can be eaten together, or use separately. Either way, they are both delish and easy. Sometimes as a student, I end up cooking and eating just one thing. For example - the other day I made mashed potatoes, and just ate those. HA. So complete. Therefore, I am attempting to make sure I eat more whole and complete meals *please note I did have a veggie on the side, it just didn't fit on the plate!

Have you tried hoisin sauce before? It is a Chinese dipping sauce - or - how I usually explain it to people is that it is like a Chinese bbq sauce! It is extremely flavourful and taste amazing with chicken - so why not? And ORANGE RICE? Wha??? It was SO good. But I need to make an important note about this - PLEASE DO NOT USE CHEAP CONCENTRATED FAKE ORANGE JUICE - it will actually taste like chemicals - honestly I have tried this - so please, please don't. Please for me? Kay thanks.

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