New Food Challenge

Growing up, the only foods I knew where the kinds cooked by my parents. As I grew up and moved away to school, I was left to fend for myself. For the first few years I stuck to what I knew and cooked what I was comfortable with. But then I began to realize there is a whole world of foods out there that I have never tried before! Some foods are amazing and I can't believe I haven't been eating it my whole life, others... I may not try again. But the important thing is, it was new. 

So I would like to challenge all of you to try something new the next time you go to the grocery store. But since I know it can be a bit scary, I am taking on the challenge myself and will document each new food I try. 

Bring on the challenge!

Challenge #1: The Pomelo
Challenge #2: Baby Bok Choy
Challenge #3: Thai Eggplant 
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