Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Food Challenge #1: The Pomelo

Welcome to the first new food challenge! I have decided I really need to broaden my horizon and start trying some new foods. More specifically, simple ingredients. Just things you may walk right on by in the grocery store, or things you wouldn't look twice at at the market. Some foods I may try are actually ordinary to some people, and vice versa. But what the hey, we are taking this journey together right?!

First up...the pomelo. Pomelo pomelo pomelo. What the heck is a pomelo? Well it is interesting because I first heard about a pomelo from my mother. But not while growing up, only recently after I have moved out. I was home for the weekend and there she was, eating one at the kitchen table. "What the heck is that?" I asked. "A pomelo!" she replied as if she has been eating them forever and I am a nutball for not knowing hahaha....oh mom what a hoot.

So, a pomelo. A pomelo is an Asian fruit, and otherwise known as an Asian grapefruit. It is absolutely GINOURMOUS! Seriously it is like 3x bigger than an orange. My pictures fail to show its large-ness. Okay it is like the size of a melon which is still pretty big for a citrus fruit. You can find a pomelo in many groceries stores from about Nov-March. Sometimes its with the oranges, sometimes its with the coconuts.

When you hold this bad boy in your hand, you will notice that it has quite a tough exterior. Actually, the rind is about 1 inch thick! It may be a bit tricky to get to the good stuff. Now I decided I would just go ahead and hack the thing to death (as you can see in the background of my pictures). But when writing up this post, I found an awesome video on how to properly cut a pomelo. Check it out here.

If you open up each segment, you will see that the seeds are huge! Well, they are not really seeds, just the segments inside of segments. But they are actually so big you can pick them out and eat them!

Once you finally get to taste it, you will notice that the flavour is a mix between a grapefruit and an orange...more leaning towards a grapefruit. It is really delicious and quite refreshing. I just ate it straight up - but there are plenty of uses for pomelo and many more recipes for how to use it. Perhaps that will be another challenge, but for now, I couldn't help myself ;)

Today's Contender: The Pomelo
Taste: *****/5
Ease of Use: ***/5
Accessibility: *****/5
Affordability: ****/5
Overall: ****/5

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  1. I love this fruit and try to buy them when they are available.The only difficult part is peeling it :) I came across your site from the foodieblogroll and I'd love to guide Foodista readers to your site. I hope you could add this pomelo widget at the end of this post so we could add you in our list of food bloggers who blogged about the pomelo fruit,Thanks!

  2. Oh the pomelo...great fruit. Grandpa loves this fruit. I don't ever eat it unless I'm with my parents. Love the food challenge! - Aunt T

  3. nice idea..thanks for sharing....


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