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About Me:

There are a few things that maybe you should know about me before you indulge yourself within The Gourmet Student

1. I really suck at using measurements. 
- Seriously I do. Probably why I am way better at cooking than I am at baking. I have a hard time following recipes to a tee, but over time I have learned what works and what doesn't (for the most part). Funny thing is, I also learned that not everyone is like me - duh! So many of the recipes that I present to you are with directions and measurements for those who want it, but a recipe is just a recipe - a suggestion not set in stone. If you are missing a small ingredient, or you need to substitute, chances are it really won't be such a big deal. I will try my best to add suggestions for those - nothing is worse then when you are all set to try a new recipe and you are missing one tiny things and you feel like you can't cook it now. So feel free to experiment and add your little touches here and there - trust me, I have more than once.

2. I rarely use the same recipe twice.
- Crazy eh? It is because I usually get inspired while cooking and throw in some extra stuff here and there. Then next time I go to make the same thing, I forgot what I did last time, so I will try something different this time. Cooking can be an art form - nothing to be scared of. It shouldn't be intimidating at all and  really it should be fun! What I am trying to say is, that my role as a food blogger is to inspire and get you started. Get you the blank canvas and a few basic shapes, but how you color it is up to you.

3. I know the challenge of cooking for one. 
- Many of my recipes will  be to share with others. I love entertaining my friends and there is usually food involved. I now also live with my fiance, who also loves food. Or shall I say he loves to eat (ha!). But when I was cooking for myself, I was oh so often left with the ever-going to debate of "What should I make tonight?". Not wanting to start a big production just for little ole me. But it doesn't always have to be a big production! You can eat wonderful food that is super easy to make and takes no time. The goal of my recipe is just that. Some will be specially designed for those want a good meal all to themselves. Some recipes will be to share with others. Some will be for whatever the heck you want. Just don't be afraid to try something fabulous if it's just for yourself, you deserve to spoil yourself sometimes anyways.
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