Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Food Challenge #2: Baby Bok Choy

With Chinese New Year happening last week, I was in the mood for some cooking with an Asian flare. So why not use one of my most favourite vegetables: bok choy! I grew up on this veg and it is hard for me to envision a stir-fry without it. As I was about to post my bok choy recipe, I realized that not everyone has some Chinese family members, and not everyone knows what the heck bok choy even is!

But now you will  muahaha...

Bok choy is an Asian vegetable that is from the cabbage family. Baby bok choy (always my preference) is just the younger version of bok choy. This veg can be steamed, sauteed, boiled and sometimes even eaten raw. You can find baby bok choy in virtually every grocery store now and sometimes the other variations of the vegetable are available as well.

The steams are a bit bitter and quite crunchy, but the leafy top softens and soaks up any sauce that it comes in contact with.

So how do you handle this little bundle of joy? Well I'm gunna show you how I do it. I peel off the outer stems until it reveals the thick stalk - which I just cut off. Then I wash them thoroughly. It is much easier to get them clean when torn apart like that.

From there, you can chop up the bok choy into bite size pieces, or leave the stems whole (which is what I like to do).

Then, steam em, fry em, boil em, do whatever you want to do to them. Most of the time I end up skipping the stem of steaming them and throw them right into my stir-fry. So stay tuned until my next post where I show you my version of a family favourite stir-fry with baby bok choy.

Today's Contender: Baby Bok Choy
Taste: *****/5
Ease of Use: *****/5
Accessibility: *****/5
Affordability: *****/5
Overall: *****/5

But then again, I may be a bit biased :P

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