Monday, February 7, 2011

How To: Toast Your Nuts

Toasted nuts? Everyone likes toasted nuts. And for some people like me, its the only way to eat them without getting an allergic reaction. Its a very simple procedure, but your nuts can go from toasted to burnt in no time flat. An NOBODY likes burnt nuts.

This method can be used for any type of nut, but make sure you don't try to toast nuts of different sizes at the same time because bigger ones take longer than smaller ones.

Okay, there are 2 ways to do this: In a frying pan and in the oven. Both methods require your 100% attention.

Frying Pan: 
- Put nuts in a dry pan at medium-high heat.
- Continuously toss and stir around in pan.
- After about 4-6 minutes, nuts should be a golden brown

Oven: (good for when you have a LOT of nuts to toast)
- Turn oven to 400 degrees
- Place nuts on baking sheet in a single layer and put in oven.
- After about 4-5 minutes, pull them out and give them a little toss and but them back in for another 4-5 minutes.

As I mentioned earlier, different nuts have different cooking times. It also depends on if you use whole or chopped nuts. So I have only provided a guideline. My most IMPORTANT tip to toasting nuts is to use your nose. Yep, your nose. You will know when they done because you will be able to smell them. As soon as the smell of nuts toasting fills the room, chances are they are done so pull them off because once they are fragrant, they can start to burn almost instantly.

Also remember to take them out of the hot pan/baking sheet right away too because they will continue to cook even without the heat of the oven because the pan is so hot.

Once you master this skill, you will end up putting your toasted nuts on everything from salads to desserts. So go on, get toasting!

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