Saturday, November 12, 2011

How To: Bedazzle your Veggie Tray

Tired of your boring veggie platter? Carrots, celery, broccoli and maybe some peppers. It is definitely easy I'll give ya that. And its a healthy tid bit to your party spread. You can even buy them pre-made at the grocery store (although it may cost you an arm and a leg). 

How many times does this happen to you. 
-You decide to host a party. 
- You think of some awesome snack ideas
- Day of, you go pick up all the ingredients at the grocery store and realize - crap there is nothing good for me on the menu, lets throw in a veggie tray

Bah ...always an afterthought. 

But it doesn't have to be this way! Make the veggies be the highlight of your party spread. Vegetables deserve some flare and excitement too!!

How To: Bedazzle your Veggie Tray

1. It is all about colour. 
We eat with your eyes (yes heard it before). So pick veggies that are colourful and bright. Go stand in the produce isle and get inspired. Use the colour of the rainbow!
I used the following:
- Radishes
- Carrots 
- Yellow Pepper
- Snap Peas
- Green Beans 

2. Keep it organic - or at least looking organic. 
Most of us chose to eat organic veggies, but many of us can't really afford it on a regular basis. So take a step closer and stay far away from the packaged stuff. 
For instance:
- Buy veggies with their green tops (for example carrots - leave the baby carrots behind). 

3. Be creative with the display. 
To display the veggies, use jars, bowls and cups of different shapes and heights. Add dimension to your table. 
For example:
- I used a martini glass, a shot glass, a sugar jar and a spice jar. All very different. 

4. Serve it with a homemade dip. 
Homemade dips are easier than you think. Combine sour cream and some different herbs and spices ... that's it! Ya I know store bought dips are easy too. I'll have to post some recipes in the future ;)

It is so simple yet so different. But your guest don't need to know that. So next time you host a gathering, impress the crap out of them with a bedazzled veggie tray =)

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