Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Food Challenge #6: Fresh Figs!

Comment: these are green still because they are not fully ripe yet!

It is fig season! Yay! Well fresh fig season. You can find dried figs everywhere and anywhere. We are talking about the fresh, plump, juicy fruit (not the gum).

Did you know that a fig has multiple flowers growing inside of it? And SOME please believe that the fig was actually the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden - not the apple. WHO KNEW?

There are multiple different types of figs. I thought there was only one - the purple one, more formally known as the Mission Fig. You can find out more about the varieties  here.

There is so much more to figs that Fig Newtons and figgy pudding. And when I saw them at the market, I thought "hey why the heck not?" It was time for an adventure. It is not that figs are weird and super unique or anything, and I bet 99.9% of people have heard of them. It is just that they are dam expensive and has never been part of any budget I have ever been part of. Averaging about $1/fig. I could eat those babies like grapes! I found these ones much cheaper - I think I ended up getting  them for $0.50/fig. Thats a 50% saving b@*#ch!

So I decided to stretch the limits. I bought a limited number, and I wanted to see how many recipes I could get out of my small supply. Stay tuned or you will miss the excitement!

Today's Contender: Fresh Figs
Taste: *****/5
Ease of Use: *****/5
Accessibility: **/5
Affordability: */5
Overall: ***/5

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