Friday, December 21, 2012

Gift Idea: Recipe in a Box

Pretty much what my desk looked like:

It is 5 days before Christmas. 

Just finished my exams, just finished marking my last assignment, just finished my last shift at my part time job...

And now it is time to buy Christmas gifts! OH SNAP.

No money, no time.. what do I do? Hop on over the Dollar Store and start making some homemade gifts.

Each year I do end up making many of my gifts for multiple reasons (being student poor is usually the #1 reason). I usually stick to a common theme, as in.. everyone gets a similar gift so I am not making a 100 different things. So this year I thought I would share some of gifts I made for this year!

These gifts were totally Pinterest inspired, AKA I did not think of them myself. But I wanted to show you that if I can do it, YOU can do... and they were all ridiculously cheap and great for last minute projects. PLUS, they are food-inspired. How fitting eh?

So first up:

Recipe in a Box!

I have a friend who loves food and would love to be able to cook and bake but is often limited by the student dilemma. I completely get it - if you want to make a cake, you need to go buy flour, baking powder, baking soda.. etc etc etc. But who knows when you will want to make one again? Your ingredients end up taking space in the cupboard and can even go bad. What if you need to move (as we often to year after year) are you going to bring everything with you or throw it out? It ends up being even more of a hassle and therefore you are defeated before you even begin.

What if you have someone who is a little... "recipe-following-challenged?". I have a few of those. Their intentions are there, and they want the final product, but taking the steps to get there is just too much.

Solution? Buy the ingredients, measure them out and put it together for them!

A twist on the "cookie in a jar" idea, you can put any recipe together. For this gift, I chose a recipe I knew my friend wanted to try and put all the dry ingredients together. I wrote out the directions on index cards and identified what she still needed to purchase (ex. lemon, butter etc).

Now whenever she wants to bake something, (almost) everything is at her finger tips and half the work has been done!

Best part about this that maybe they will share the final product back with you ;)

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