Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trails End Market - Correction!!!

Attention everyone! It appears I have made a mistake. When I first discussed a Hidden Gem of London, Ontario, the  Trail's End Farmer's Market, I distinctly said that the market was closed for the winter.

Well guess what, I was WRONG!!! I was informed that the market is open all winter long!

I just assumed that the outdoor market where all the fresh produce stood would be closed because of...well the snow. But apparently the market stands tall all year round. I am not sure if the produce moves inside, or the brave soles stand out in the cold. I have no idea, I didn't go check it out because I thought it was closed!

Well - next year we will have to find out. But for now, summer is upon us and since it is Saturday, I will be heading on over to Trail's End Farmer's Market to experience all that our local farmers have to offer us!

Maybe I will see you there?

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