Monday, May 23, 2011

United Supermarket

In London, Ontario a new grocery store has opened a few months ago called the United Supermarket. Primarily Asian inspired with some South American flare, this store definitely offers something different than the traditional Loblaws and Metros we tend to see at every corner. So a foodie friend of mine and I decided to check this place out one day and let me tell you we were in for a treat.

At first glance, this just looked like any ordinary grocery store - rows of produce, isle of packaged food, people all over the place with carts ramming into your backside. But with further investigation ... a hidden gem was discovered. The produce section was filled with fruits and vegetables completely foreign to me. Some I have only heard about on the Food Network (you know, when they use an ingredient and say you can find it at specialty stores or now most grocery stores carry it - and you think "I have never seen that anywhere near me!" - dam). Now you can. Actually there was a TON of stuff I have never even seen before!

After ooing and ahhing through the produce section, we stumble through the isles. There was quite a lot of familiar ingredients there, things we would find at our ordinary grocery store, but hidden amongst the norm was many items that were new and exciting. There was even a section for cookware! Need a wok? Or how about a bamboo steamer? I know where you can find one!

The frozen food section was quite large as well. I don't eat a ton of frozen foods, but the selection of frozen dim sum, dumplings and spring rolls was enough to make me a believer.

Did I mention the live fish counter? You don't see those to often in London, Ontario thats for sure. Now I may not actually purchase something that often, it is still cool to look at.

My friend and I also played a little game to see what was the most ... "interesting" thing we could find. I found a cow lung but she won with the frozen turtle (bizarre to us, normal to others I am sure).

Another very awesome aspect of this store is there is a little sushi bar and asian food stand! Because we all know what shopping on an empty stomach does to us!

In conclusion, this hidden gem is a place everyone should check out at least once. You may not want to do your weekly shopping there, but it may be a fun outing every once in a while! So grab a friend, and head on over and see some food of the world, I guarantee you will see something you have never seen before. Hey who knows, you may end up being a little adventurous and try something new.

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