Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Food Challenge #4: Garlic Scapes

We have all heard of garlic (well I hope at least). But has anyone heard of garlic scapes? Not me, not until this summer I have not. Well guess what, they are the flowering stalk that comes FROM garlic. Ever leave garlic on the counter to long and a weird green looking stem starts to grow out of it? Yep, garlic scape. And they are edible! And delicious at that.

I found these at the farmer's market this summer. I was intrigued because I had never seen them before, and for the fact that it was only $1 for a whole whack of them. "Fill up my bag!" I said as I handed over my loonie, with a proud smirk I thought I got the best deal of the day. "Make sure you don't eat these raw" the farmer said.... interesting warning I thought. But he was right... because I tried it lol.

So what to do with these garlic scapes? I don't know... but they taste like garlic. So I could pretty much just use them like garlic and put them in everything?

After a little google research... I am right, I can use them with anything really. But there are some really awesome recipes out there for garlic scape pesto and other such things. But I decided to start by just sauteing them up with a little butter and seeing how they hold up on their own.

But be sure to stay tuned for a recipe that I actually use them in ;)

Today's Contender: Garlic Scapes
Taste: ****/5
Ease of Use: *****/5
Accessibility: ***/5
Affordability: *****/5
Overall: ****/5

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